Success Stories

Manufacturing Marijuana, Cocaine Possession,Motor Vehicle Theft


House was searched, client arrested on above charges. Case dismissed after Mr. Cohen proved that the search of the house was illegal police conduct.

Superior Court, 2019

Aggravated Assault


Client charged with attacking another individual with a fireplace poker stick, breaking it on body of victim. Charges reduced to battery and short period of probation. No conviction. Case will be dismissed and record sealed when probation ends.

Superior Court, 2019

Assault by Choking


Client charged with allegedly attacking and choking victim in a public place. Case dismissed with record restricted from public access.

State Court, 2019

Felony Arson

Attorney Bert Cohen, Criminal Case Dismissed.

Case dismissed (without diversion), record restricted, clerk's record sealed from public viewing.

 Superior Court, 2019 

Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Distribute


 Conviction or any type of guilty plea to this felony would have resulted in deportation of this permanent resident (non U.S. citizen). Charges reduced to misdemeanor simple possession of marijuana and record restricted  from public view. As a result, this client will not be deported, can apply for citizenship, can remain in the United States with family, and can pursue employment in a professional field.

Superior Court, December, 2018

Aggravated Assault with Knife

Bert Cohen Attorney, Criminal Case Dismissed

 Domestic violence attack, aggravated assault, stabbing with knife. Dismissed after indictment and prior to arraignment. Record restricted and clerk's and police files ordered by the judge to be sealed from public view.

Superior Court, March, 2019 

Misdemeanor Obstruction of Police and Disorderly Conduct

Criminal and DUI Defense Lawyer Bert Cohen. Criminal case dismissed.


 Case dismissed, record restricted and sealed from public view. 

2019 A Municipal Court in Fulton County

Terroristic Threats (to kill a police officer), obstruction of police, Illegal Drug Possession


 We obtained services of board certified forensic psychiatrist who evaluated and tested the client and helped us  mitigate the level of criminal intent to commit the crimes charged. As a result, client was released on probation and returned to family.

County and court information withheld, 2018

Criminal Obstruction of Police


  Case dismissed prior to arraignment, record restricted and sealed from public view.  As a result this client, a permanent U.S. resident, is now cleared to apply to become a United States citizen. Court: a 2019 Metro Atlanta County State Court